BlueStone Ventures

Building Better Homes

We believe in quality work with personalized service at reasonable price. We start by listening and build from there. Should you ever have any construction related need don't hesitate to contact us for no obligation consultation.

What our customers say...

“We bought a home built by Bluestone Ventures in the summer of 2009 and have been happy with our decision. The home, in terms of design and craftsmanship, sets Bluestone Ventures apart from most other builders in the area. The care and pride they take in their work is evident in every detail. Bluestone has been a pleasure to deal with. We found them to be responsive to our needs and we have developed a friendly rapport with them that we expect will last a long time."
"We were extremely pleased with Bluestone Ventures for Building our home in 2010 . Bluestone has an incredible attention to detail, exceptional project management skills, and is a stickler for things being done right. Their communication with us through the course of project was frequent and transparent, always allowing us to be "in the know" about how things were progressing at all times. These qualities have landed Bluestone our next project set to start midsummer 2016. "
"We could not be happier with the quality of construction – everything from framing to electrical to finishing was done at a level of workmanship that surpassed our expectations. Bluestone was also instrumental in making the experience not only agreeable to us, but agreeable to our neighbours as well. Over a year has passed since our home was completed and I still hear comments from neighbours about how nice Bluestone was and how smooth the process went from their perspective – pleasing the home owner and the neighbours during such a disruptive exercise is no small feat.
The only advice I can offer is hold on tight – Bluestone keeps the process moving quickly – brace yourself for a great ride, you will not be disappointed."